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profile Hi, I'm Katie Cadet! I joined the ModArchive in 2012 as MiaFan2010 (which is currently my alternate handle), and I've uploaded a mixed bag (hundreds, literally!) of mostly electronica songs throughout 2008 to 2014, and now, as of 2019 to 2020, an all new album called The Return of Katie Cadet was released with five new songs for a total of 25 minutes, featuring the well-received "Blind Alley Blind Remix", based on a short song from the Purple Moon computer game "Rockett's First Dance".

My Tracking History:

1999-2002: Back in 1999-2002, (I was a young child back then where I had an old power-draining Windows 98SE computer.) I discovered some music modules from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. They were J2B files, and I don't even know what they are other than hearing them in-game. In 2010, I downloaded OpenMPT 1.18.02, and the data mining was a success! They were actually S3M and Impulse Tracker files in a proprietary container.

2008-2009: Around 2008, (I became an older child since I upgraded to a new Windows XP SP2 Computer which was still power-draining at the time.) I found Music Studio 2000 by WinGear from a former refurbished computer store in which, as of the mid-2010s, was closed for good. It came with ModPlug Tracker 1.06 and I decided that I wanted to track my own music until February 2009.

Early 2010: I moved to ModPlug Tracker 1.16 to support stereo samples, the latter was used in Schism Tracker, OpenMPT 1.17 and ChibiTracker at the time used the ModPlug code for stereo samples as of today.

Late 2010: A few months later, I started using OpenMPT. The version that I used in Late 2010 was 1.18.03, which kinda actually was the start of the compatibility exporting using Impulse Tracker 2.14 modules with stereo samples at the time of writing. I would like to thank the current developer of OpenMPT, who I call Saga Musix, for this amazing tracker! I also got a laptop (Acer Aspire 5552) running Windows 7 64-BIT (and Windows 10 64-BIT from 2015 until 2018 when the laptop failed to boot) and loaded OpenMPT 1.19 on it in Early 2011.

Mid-2011: Still lightyears ahead, (now in my teenage years!) I still used OpenMPT 1.19 with a few test builds on the side. This was actually the start of making better music with better samples by me!

2012: I joined the ModArchive in May 2012, and downloaded OpenMPT 1.20, which is a slightly fixed version of OpenMPT 1.19, but with plenty of new features on the side as well! I also got a Mac mini which can run Schism Tracker and MilkyTracker too, because they are cross-platform after all! I was using Mac OS X Mountain Lion at the time. This was the final goodbye to my old power-draining Windows XP SP2 desktop computer.

2013: But times have changed, still in my teenage years, I was using OpenMPT 1.22, which had a peak meter that I had not seen before to analyze the stereo and surround sound coming out from 2-channels and 4-channels. Also, I upgraded my Mac mini to Mac OS X Mavericks, and currently on macOS Sierra, which I've stopped using since around 2017 to focus on my El Capitan MacBook Pro from 2009, and currently as of Late 2019 to 2020, my 4K iMac running macOS Catalina.

2014: There are remixes of my tunes from Meztli72, and listening to my songs one more time as remixes feels like a different experience. I was still using OpenMPT 1.23 that year and I had my Mac mini going since Late 2012. I started using ChibiTracker on my Windows 7 laptop, and I helped Saga Musix and manx fix the glitches for the new OpenMPT 1.23.04 which came out on June 2014.

2019-2020: Well, what do you know? Katie Cadet's back! Now with a custom built high performance Windows 10 PC, an iMac 4K running macOS Catalina, a fully upgraded HP Pavilion a6010n with Windows 10 32-BIT, and an HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop, I am ready to compose more music with the latest OpenMPT 1.28 (with a very special example song sample library) after I had gone through a lot of thrift stores and flea markets (and the occasional computer store) to fill up the house with a lot of vinyl records, cassettes, music CD's, computer and console games, and of course, computer parts throughout 2016-2020! Lucky Me! That's how "The Return of Katie Cadet" got started, especially with the well-received track at the beginning, "Blind Alley Blind Remix"!

My Inspiration for the tunes I compose:

Recently, I listened to a wide range of electronica, disco, and pop music on vinyl records, cassettes, and CD's, and the ones I've listened to are DJ Fast Eddie (who created Chicago Acid House and Chicago Hip House hits such as "Acid Thunder", "Yo Yo Get Funky", "Jack to the Sound" and "Let's Go!"), Real McCoy (German Euro Dance and Pop group), 2 Unlimited (Dutch Euro Dance group), Daft Punk (French electronica duo), ABBA (70s disco and pop group from Sweden), NSYNC (90s pop group from Florida, USA), Brandy Norwood ("What about us?"), Madonna (If you think that "Vogue" is House music, you were right!), and Vanessa Williams (I listened to her "Next" album from 1997 on cassette!). I also got a second-hand Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the recent years during my long break in tracking because I found that some of my tunes sound a lot like the real thing in terms of the sound chips they use!

Enjoy the music!

-Katie Cadet, Canada.

P.S. I mostly do Electronica, mostly use OpenMPT, and mostly track in compressed IT214 format.

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