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profile This is an internal placeholder profile used for referencing deleted or unavailable member accounts


Prior to 2005, there was no account system for Reviewers, therefore many of the reviews were written without much to go on in terms of authoritative identification.

Luckily, a lot of the content was successfully mapped to those who held old artist accounts, however there was a lot of content that fell short on information needed to reference an artist account, or the review writers simply were not artists on The Mod Archive.

Rather than delete the content, the old-style reviews have been kept, but as they were in an old format and often fell short of the quality requirements for reviews that we now uphold; they were converted to member comments and assigned to this place-holder account.

If you have found a comment on a module that has questionable content, or seems inaccurate, and refers to this profile, please report it on the forums.

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