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Dental Day ÿ ÿÿÿ

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# jonas k a p l a #
# a.k.a. android #
# i s b a c k ! #
 # j u n e ' 9 9 #
# and this tune #
# is c a l l e d #
original song b y :
- --------------- -
i just got h o m e
from t h e dentist.
s h e pulled out a
s o called wisdom- P
tooth. now my whole
face aches.
- --------------- -
synth disco music ?
- --------------- -
watch out for t h e
dentist's drill a t
approximately 1:05!
- --------------- -
all members and ex-
- --------------- -
gosh, i really hate
this "bed000vning".
- --------------- -

[ aj som f-n! ]


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dental_day.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 23.07KB in size and has been downloaded 2796 times since Mon 13th Sep 2004 :D

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Awesome chiptune! :D

Posted by Krellion on Sat 18th Jan 2014

I've listened to this song at least a hundred times. It reminds me of my lovely home in cyberspace programming in my parents house.

Posted by sneilan on Sat 24th Dec 2011


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