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(I Wanna) Dance Forever

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Combo piano (mine)
Synth Bass [Beyond Music]
Smoothtone (mine)
Breakbeat3 (Kon Wilms)
Breakbeat2 (Kon Wilms)
C Major WeRD
G# Major TeW
F Major Da
C Minor FuNKY
F Minor SaWsYnTh
A Minor ChOrDs!!_"$!_$
C Major 5th =)
Guitar stab [Beyond Music]
Snare [Temple Of Dreams]
Bass Drum [Fatal Funkside]
C Minor Piano (Soundwave)
C Major Piano (Soundwave)
F Minor Piano (Soundwave)
korg.15.long [RealAT&TMix]
F Major Piano (Soundwave)
Crash Cymbal (Ryan Cramer)
┌ ─╥─ ╓ ╖ ┐
│ ║ ║ ║ │
│ ║ ║╓╖║╓╖╥╖╥╖╓╖ │
│ ║ ║║║║╓╢║║║║╓╢ │
└ ─╨─ ╙╜╙╜╙╨╜╜╜╜╙╨ ┘
╥─╖ ╥──
║ ╙╖ ║
║ ║╓╖╥╖╓╖╓╖ ╟─╓╖╥╖╓╖╖╖╓╖╥╖
║ ╓╜╓╢║║║ ╟╜ ║ ║║║ ╟╜║║╟╜║
╨─╜ ╙╨╜╜╙╜╙╜ ╨ ╙╜╜ ╙╜╙╜╙╜╨
·──·by Liam the lemming·──·
══════(S!P, Mach One)══════

I have a good feeling about
this one. Everyone I play
it so seems to really like
it! I think the samples are
pretty sucky, but hopefully
the crowd at NAID won't
notice that too much. :)

Mind you... it has to get
past the judging panel
first. Yikes! =I

The original of this tune
was 5m9s long, then the
guys from the Used crew who
gave me a place to stay the
night before NAID (thanks
guys! =) ) told me the song
limit was definitely -four-
minutes, upon which I got
out the shears and started
pruning. :)

Surprisingly enough (to me)
the result turned out kinda
better than the original!
So, like I said, I've got a
good feeling about this
one. =)

Greets to everyone at NAID,
especially Frost Byter,
Jimmy Superfly and Depth of
Used, Ara, Floss, Mellow-D
and ior cos they all helped
me get into the party mood
before NAID opened. :)
Greets also to S!P, all the
guys in Mach One (er, all
two of us as I was writing
this :) ), Axl for creating
The Trackering ;) and of
course... #trax. :) Where
would I be without all your
support? =)

Good luck to everyone! And
don't forget... WAKE ME UP
Liam the lemming
█▓▒░·─·we BREAK·─the──·░▒▓█
█▓▒░─·sound barrier!!·─░▒▓█


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