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"Silver Rain" -darkwolf '95

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[PR - High.Voice.Smp - PR]
[PR - Chord.505 - PR]
[PR - Spacy.Effect - PR]
[PR - Warm.Bass - PR]
[PR - Tamborine - PR]
[PR - Strings - PR]
[PR - Bassdrum.Hihat - PR]
[PR - Soft.Snare - PR]
[PR - Choir - PR]
[PR - Oboe - PR]
[PR - Romeo.Synth - PR]
[PR - Electric.Piano - PR]
[PR - Cymbal.Crash - PR]


Title: "Silver Rain"

Composed by ...
Darkwolf of
Pure Resistance - [PR] -

Phil Torreele
aka: Darkwolf

Time Length: 3:27min

(greetz): aahz,leviathan,
dat about it fer now..ciao.

-darkwolf [PR]


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silver_rain.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 338.50KB in size and has been downloaded 1526 times since Sat 17th Sep 2005 :D

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This is just a beautiful song, with these soothing sounds and a beat to make you feel happy though maybe shed a little tear too, as it does show some emotion especially after the 2:03 mark. It is worth a listen, honestly :)

Posted by Bryd0 on Fri 1st Jan 2016


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