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skogens djur 001

By: Coma28

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#### coma of 3le ####
this is the first mod
in my forthcoming
series "skogens djur"

och dessutom ogillar
jag att g0ra flejnch-

this was used in
brain damage #4 by
the real name is:
"escaping elk"
(from evil hunters!)
every year, thousands
of innocent elks are
murdered in sweden,
the land of democracy
and freedom. how can
we allow this madness
to continue?
show your concern!
write to this adress:
--daniel johansson
--stenstaliden 1b
--681 36 kristinehamn
concerning swapping
or module requesting.
earcramp productions!


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skog01.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 10.22KB in size and has been downloaded 2609 times since Tue 30th Jan 2007 :D

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Probably the best chiptune ever made, I absolutely love it, still, it is too short :(

Posted by LazZerR on Fri 26th Dec 2014


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