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toy story

By: Allister Brimble

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Title music to
MegaDrive game
Toy Story
composed by
Alistair Brimble

Game written by
Traveller's Tales



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toytitle.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 91.79KB in size and has been downloaded 57555 times since Mon 15th Nov 1999 :D

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Nice, The crystal-clean version of the Toy Story Genesis Main Menu song! Non-distorted, Whenever it plays on the Genesis, It is distorted as crap!

Posted by TalkingTomAndBensMods on Fri 5th Jun 2020

Well now , this song is pritty nice . I like the happy tune in it but not the sazzy guitar in the "fast part" of the song , it doesnt blend with all the other samples. the slow part is the nicest in this song it not to fast, not to slow it´s rather ... well i dont know but it´s good anyways.! Well here it wasn´t that much sketchy, only a few volume tunings and some pattern changes , not much to brag about .!

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Tue 30th Apr 2002


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