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Chip Racer - Yannis Brown

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fx-Hat SH
Retrig Chord1
Bass Synth Funky!
fx-Hat LN
fx-HiHat SH
fx-HiHat LN
Bass Synth Funky!
Chip Racer

By: YanniS - July 2001
Chip - Racer

_--_|\ Yannis Brown
/ \ (c)opyright 2001
\_.--_ / - Music from Downunder!

Commercial work:
1999 Acclaim Entertainment - "South Park Rally"
. Full in game and title music.
. Multi platform (PSX, N64, Dreamcast, PC)

This tune is donated to 'DTrax' for his group's chipmusic disk.
Chip samples from DTrax Shine.XM

. Written to prove you don't need 1meg 16bit samples to write good music.
I guesss there's a challenge to write something decent with only
average 512 byte samples and IT filters.

. The fast paced bass line and rhythm depicts the speed of the race
yet, the slow and deliberate smoothness of the leads depicts the
control and coolness of the driver.

EMail - yannis_zip.com.au
Info - www.zip.com.au/~yannis
MP3s - www.mp3.com.au/yannis


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ybchipracer.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 66.84KB in size and has been downloaded 1334 times since Thu 17th Oct 2002 :D

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