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Peace III (2000)

By: Sergeisergeievich

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Peace III (again)

by sergeisergeievich


this is 2000 edition


version III/2000

Dec 26 2000


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peace3.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 458.84KB in size and has been downloaded 2170 times since Sat 27th Jan 2001 :D

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I can feel myself lying at the sweet sand of the south beach near the warm ocean while listening this tune. That's my general impression about this tune. In some point of view the subject is too long - you won't find many variations. Some elements (such as scratches, piano, sound effects) are placed very well - they are not breaking the whole composition. As for me should be a bit shorter, but it's only up to author to decide. Stereo separation is ok. I can say the same think about panning. All samples are 8-bit, but you won't ever feel it (instead reading the data in your player). The whole sound line is waving normally, no peaks and no mistakes.

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Mon 23rd May 2005


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