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Phenomenon choir

By: Myvoice

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Myvoice presents:

<< CHOIR >>

Original composed by
Michiel v.d. Kuy, now
tracked by me :)

Hi's goes to all Koto
and Laserdance fans!

any reason to contact:


(ripped) from

wonderful basses
are from...


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mv_pheno.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.06MB in size and has been downloaded 17669 times since Sun 2nd Apr 2000 :D

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I love this song so it's nice to hear an XM version of Phenomenon Choir. That said I think this cover would be better if a few of the robotic voice samples were included in the mix. Also, the opening sample reminds me of something that Kraftwerk would use in their early work -- which isn't a bad thing. Nonetheless this mix is very good.

Posted by Drozerix on Wed 4th Jan 2023

I love spacesynth (and italodisco) and all Michiel Van Der Kuy's various projects (Koto, Laserdance, Proxyon etc.) and this remix is no exception. It has all the traits of good spacesynth.

Posted by Unstruct on Mon 20th Jun 2011

Koto and laserdance remix/remakes by Myvoice usually are proffesional works. This is no exception. The song is very good tracked. Sounds like the original with some small changes. The melodies is shifting all the time. Different instruments and different lead melodies. *dreaming back to the 80s* . Good job Myvoice! The samples are used in other songs but ftis very nicely in this song. I cant recall how the original sounds like. But i promise that this one isnt far away from Michiel van der Kuy's original. Nice effects and good samples. If this werent a remix it would have gotten 10 points.

Posted by Ghidorah on Sat 20th May 2000


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