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By: Leviathan

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(Andrew Carlson)

A Music Contest 5
veteran entry.

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m5v-duet.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 762.38KB in size and has been downloaded 4696 times since Wed 9th Dec 1998 :D

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A very nice song. The gitar samples come from (Dreaming of) Foreign Skys by big jim, so the two song will sound nice when played one after another.

Posted by Iamaplayer33 on Sun 8th Mar 2020

A song with a very nice harmony. Very well tracked guitar and a beautiful melody. Shut your eyes, lay back and enjoy this very harmonical music!

Posted by Arne Puszelski on Wed 2nd Sep 2009

Very laid back melody using two guitars and some drums. Sounds like one of those great songs youd hear by a campfire. I love it! :-) Also the music has a GREAT organization to it so that know part lasts to long that it becomes repetitive. The only problem is at the end the music seems to cut off a little to quick. All in all though a wonderful piece of music well worth the download. The samples while very good seem at some times to be slightly generic sounding. This doesn't really hider the music though. It just adds to the camp feeling of the song. Best of all is the way the instruments are layered so none of them overide the melody.

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Wed 16th Dec 1998


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