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#Deathjester 8-6-92
Protracker Controlled

Another MOD.


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lektro.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 93.41KB in size and has been downloaded 2002 times since Thu 19th Nov 1998 :D

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Woah, a surpriser here. With the small file size i expected a baad song, but I was pleasantly surprised...sort of. The song is a strange yet enjoyable mix of bleeps and spacy sounds, elegant strings and dacable yet slow beats. The detraction? well, the techno part and the ambient parts sound really really cool...SEPERATLY...together they clash a bit, sounding corny yet elequant. and good + bad = 6.0 Here's the best area of the song...mr. jester is a master at this stuff, as everything is pitched strung together and mastered very well. The high tempo and slower beats make and interesting contrast that works very well...and the strings are very nice. The song could actually be two 7.5 songs, but the elements together yield a disapointing 6.0

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Sun 3rd Oct 1999


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