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__[[[ intelligence ]]]
__/// 1995-08-25 \\\
duration: 3.02 min.
some nice'n'relaxin'
trance. (or what ever
this is!)
if u like this and
want more great
modules (hmm... this
module is not realy
my style, but,but)
contact me:
johan claesson
hogalundsvagen 67
560 27 tenhult



_genius software 1995


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legend.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 202.41KB in size and has been downloaded 11518 times since Sun 12th Jan 1997 :D

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This song feels empty.. like there is nothing but still there is something. Love it!! One of the best songs that were used in Need For Madness 1.

Posted by Le_Ice on Sat 8th Feb 2020

This is one of my all time fav mods. It's very soothing yet upbeat, and it always makes me feel good when I hear it. It seems a bit empty at times, but other than that it's perfect. :)

Posted by Samples on Sun 23rd Nov 2014

The first vocoded sequence says "You're legend. You're legend. You're legendaric."
The next one repeats with "You're legendaric." This song is great for listening any time. It was also on the original Need for Madness, stage 8: The Fast + The Furious = the Radical.

Posted by TARDIS Banana on Sun 3rd Aug 2014

What? What does the vocoded sample says and wich 1 says what?

Posted by Erik The Born on Tue 5th Jun 2012

The talent you put into this trance is astonishing. I wish I could make mods like this in the future. It truly is "legendaric" and well deserves the feature it has. I did not like the fact that I could not make out what the voice in the background was saying. The tranciness of it all just masks it up. But minus that, this is amazing.

Posted by Peppery on Sun 14th Nov 2010

Found this tune in a demo and have it on loop for a few hours now while working (call me crazy if you want, but it's great for the background). The sound of this module is amazing, I really love the sound of the vocoder samples, they're slightly in the background but still very present, and so are the chords. The drumline is also very interesting. Only the "aah" sample sounds a bit rough (due to the fade-ins and fade-outs), but that's just a minor drawback. All in all, this module is excellent!

Posted by Saga Musix on Fri 15th May 2009

'Trance' is too general - this is a lot more epic than your basic trance song, with sweeping, swirling strings that create an almost cinematic feel, well-selected drums that are syncopated in all the right places, and these coolly-effected, clanging hats. The melody is easy to follow, and probably a bit repetitive, but it's trance, and having said that, I can tell you that as trance goes, it's not so repetitive as all that. A marvelous addition to any collection, especially those of you who like well-done dance music. Are we sure this is only four channels? I'm impressed! The samples have clearly been chosen and edited with care, and the vocoder samples are oh-so-cool, but not overused (a la Cher). One of the string chord samples is a bit short and could probably be looped a bit more seamlessly, but that's just me nitpicking. Overall, you get the feeling that this project has had quite a bit of time and energy put into getting it right, and the results are impressive.

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Wed 27th Oct 1999


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