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(-* basehead/ice94 *-)
-[ this shiznit : ]-
k0mp0sed for the iCE-X
sum samples from alpha
nec,nem,romeo knight,
and bit arts!
--##contacts to!:##---
((dan grandpre))
((116 bridle path rd))
((southbury,ct 06488))
-- iCEiCEiCEiCEiCE! --
this time it's gonna
run about 8:40, maybe
a lil' more, i'm not
_#! greetixz are 2 !#_
necros / legend design
maelcum / klf
khyron / klf
nhp / anarchy
zodiak / cascada
lord pegasus / klf
floss / klf (ge0rge!_)
sm00chez to sai..oh!!
ssn_pcnet.com <-email
(203)264-7053 <-ph0ne
PAYEECE brahs..-bh!!!!


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ice.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 262.20KB in size and has been downloaded 871 times since Thu 9th Jan 2003 :D

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