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marx marvelous/tppi
gamemusic anyone? i
use either tfmx-pro
v2.0 or my own format
when i'm not writing
blatant adverts like
anyway, if you want
game music or demo
music or even music
for your girlfriend--
then mail your
girlfriend to:
>jon pickard
>10165 el camino #c5
>atascadero ca 93422
>usa ph.805/466-7458
please enclose int'l
reply coupons if
writing from that
side of the pond.
heyas to: stratohak,
demko/skandal (killer
corey rusch (how's
taco bell?), and c.
huelsbeck for the
concept of tfmx (and
thus idea!)
blue-oyster != 47 ;^)
wear more lycra!


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boner.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 43.03KB in size and has been downloaded 1450 times since Mon 26th Jun 2000 :D

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A broad composition work. Although certain parts seem monotonous, others are very good.

Posted by nikos3194 on Tue 19th Dec 2017


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