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between 2 waters

By: doh

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doh / cryptoburners
made on 1&2 oct 1993

to say that i'm
you will never know
what is in my mind!!!

you can contact me :
nicolas desessart
80 rue de sarzeau
35700 rennes - france

hello to all my frenz

why did i love them ?

inspiration probably
came from an old drax
tune called: x-factor

abdel razek design 50
(c)1993 doh / crb


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between2.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 18.95KB in size and has been downloaded 13014 times since Fri 16th Nov 2001 :D

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Unbeatable! doh style chip in awesome fashion! Melodies, harmonies, leads, feeling - "between 2 waters" has it all! One of the best chiptunes of all time!

Posted by warhawk on Sat 10th Nov 2007


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