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Chemical Imbalance

By: Azo (Jesse Worley)

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Chemical Imbalance
by: Azo


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azo_chem.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.06MB in size and has been downloaded 5862 times since Tue 1st Dec 1998 :D

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This song is way different than the others of Azo. He has created many songs, each with their own special bit. This song stands out from the others. With its eerie feeling and the unorganized sound, I like it. He uses electric guitars, I believe, and it only helps set the mood. All the lower frequencies were really quite. It appears to me that Azo was trying to accomplish the loud sound. Another large download so far being only 6:34 long. 32 samples, which lack quality (but I think Azo wanted it that way).

Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Thu 11th Feb 1999


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