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by hades of anathema
michal szynol
ul.zgrzebnioka 52/20
all samples have been
stolen. accords:9,a,c
d,e,f,11 made from
sample no.8
samples: 5,b,10 come
from feliks
ibrahim techno 2
rozni sie od jedynki
tylko dlugoscia: 2:22
pierwsza wersja trwa
druga wersja powstala
na prosbe grega

Ripped by Janosh/NPL
from Anathema's
Demo "Omen"

(94) hds / atm


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ahimtech.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 74.05KB in size and has been downloaded 2040 times since Sat 17th Nov 2001 :D

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