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23.4 impulse power

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"23.4 impulse power"
a small (!) tune by
the amazing nao/spb
hi to all dudes & all
dolls at the scene...
to my pals on the st:
you lame bastards,buy
amiga's quick! :nao

to my man astro: t'is
niet erg hoor, die
planeet... ik ben nu
iets "machtiger"!
1-ted: headhunter...
you'll die in the pro
cess sucker...

to all agencies:
trip a/v rules...


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supernao_-_23_4_impulse_power.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 16.56KB in size and has been downloaded 1582 times since Mon 13th Sep 2004 :D

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As featured in various Prestige cracktros. Great dreamy sounding tune. Used to load up MK2 just to listen to this tune.

Posted by muse on Tue 31st May 2022

This chip mod just sounds completely great! And it loops seamlessly.

Posted by govatsapadam on Sat 25th Jul 2020

Nothing, but peace and relaxation :) Infinity loop. But nice :)

Posted by Sir_Fred on Wed 14th Apr 2010


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