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By: slashz

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artist May, 1996 One of the first longer modules I ever made. All samples ripped. Some from Terminal Velocity. - slashz

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Summer of 1996
Filename : SCHOOL96.IT
Songname :
Style : (I don't know, really..:) Maybe some kind of "slowtrance" ?? :)
Lenght : 8 minutes and 56 seconds
Author : Soulariuz of FAIL/LOST/ENFORCED.
Date : May the 19:th, 1996.

(Ok, now i know the basic stuff when it comes to making modules ;)

This module wasn't ment to be released at all, the original perfs was to
use this song for my warm-up at gymnastics class in school.
But if you're reading this it must have been released in some way... :)

DULL -> Anyway, when I wrote this song, I was thinking of *SKOLRESA* to
DULL -> Gotland in 3 days... (And the funny thing is: Noorotic (who lives
DULL -> 5 kilometers from me and goes to another school) is going with HIS
DULL -> class to the SAME PLACE and at the SAME TIME as MY class are
DULL -> going! PARTYTIME ;) So I included the "bassy" part into this
DULL -> module as well... (I think it's the patterns 33 to.. something..)

Since the samples are all stolen, the greet-list will become VERY long...

Thank you for making *EXCELLENT* samples:

Basehead of FM / Kosmic,
Erik Stridell aka. Zodiac of Cascada,
Diablo of STR and Phonc(ie) (Independent)

Now I want to thank the people I always looked up to, s.t.s...

Purple Motion and Skaven / Future Crew,
Necros / FM,
Lizardking / Triton and Razor 1911
Karl and Basehead / Kosmic,
Nitzer / Divine,

Here are some personal greets to the chaps that I think are nice one's ;)

All (3 ehe ;) FAIL members,
The entire LOST-crew (Especially Noorotic, Etnie and Weez)
All of the ENFORCED-"team",
Polymorph / Stile,
And all the people who are comming to PARTY REMEDY in "solnahallen" /
Sweden, the xx:th to the xx:th of June.


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school96.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 722.97KB in size and has been downloaded 871 times since Sun 23rd Sep 2012 :D

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