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composed by :
random voice
(c) april 1991

contact me at :
edvin fladen
0vre foss n-4520


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random_voice_-_monday.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 15.58KB in size and has been downloaded 13249 times since Sun 13th Jan 2002 :D

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One of the best chiptune melodies and compositions I ever heard in my life. I just wish it was a lil longer. But this deserves the max rating!

Posted by SoDa7 on Mon 8th Jul 2013

Still a classic from that time just so simple yet sounds more complex :-) ...

Posted by BtMe on Mon 11th Jul 2011

Still one of my favourite chiptunes ever. I hear it on CD in the car every now and then. Great!

Posted by aiko81 on Sat 9th Jul 2011

A classic piece of amiga music. Excellent melody but it is a bit too short. :-(

Posted by Arne Puszelski on Mon 7th Feb 2011

Completely amazing. I've only listened to it like a billion times.

Posted by Billy on Sat 17th Jul 2010

Instantly puts a smile on your face (even though it's monday :).

Posted by Shinobi on Mon 11th Jan 2010

Really cool tune, I remember it from crackto to Vroom game :-)

Check out my guitar cover of this tune! :-)

Posted by Apocalyptiq on Sun 20th Sep 2009


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