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composed & performed:
#contriver / indep.
_ this is the second
_ part of
_ digital dream

_ contact me at:
_ maciej chomicz
_ ul. zarnowiecka 24
_ 84-100 puck
_ woj. gdanskie
_ poland
_ ph +48-058-732-957

if u want chilly tune
4 your magazine,demo,
game,intro, etc. just
_ --- contact me ---

<< date 1994.12.15 >>
<< play time 03:44 >>
(c) 1994 by contriver


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contriver_-_expression.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 182.31KB in size and has been downloaded 2723 times since Sat 19th Jan 2008 :D

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Nice jazz ballad. The piano-string chords sound really nice, the sax melody is also quite good (except the old sample :-P). The drums are also quite good. All in all, this one is a really enjoyable track!

Posted by Saga Musix on Sat 19th Jan 2008


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