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by CoreTex

Copyright _ 1998
All rights reserved


naa, too slow

naa, too dumb for that
Made half this song
when i was at a friend
in †led.

He doesnt like
breakbeats. please
flame him:
Nice places to visit:

United Trackers

Trax in space

- Administrator of the
Weekly Module Hitchart
- O-Cool - Rich soon
- Kosmos - UT rules
- Tekknotrip
- DNATrance
Finished July 12th '98


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coretex_-_home.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 832.80KB in size and has been downloaded 6394 times since Sat 19th Jan 2008 :D

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Nicely arranged d'n'b-track (or ambient?). The drum loops are great and arranged very nice. And then there is this waving synth on top and a smooth bass in the background. And then there are some melodic accents on top. Awesome!

Posted by WoT on Fri 15th Oct 2021

Really great tune! The pads are nicely laid out in the whole panning spectrum, the drum breaks are really upbeat and addictive and the tune is pretty long - much time to enjoy this wonderful composition! I really like it when coretex changes from one breakbeat to another, it sounds really cool! ;-)
I think you really have to listen to this one! Great breakbeat stuff! A "coup de coeur" :-)
... and listen to it with much BASS! :-D

Posted by Saga Musix on Sat 19th Jan 2008


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