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Space Hulk I

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Space Hulk I:
"Captured Sun"
Ocean Mix

written by skaven,
aka peter hajba -
february 1994

re-edited by atlantic
aka b.a.freeman -
august 1996

redoing this song
gave me even more
respect for skaven
than I already had.
big thanks go out to
he and murple potion
for providing me with
many hours of down-
right jolly-good
musical delight.

werd to carcass, tw,
impression, synnet,
#trax and all my
friends who share the
experience of living
in a town named after
a foaming cleanser.

- as566_torfree.net -

write me, i like mail


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space_hulk_i_captured_sun-ocean_mix.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 604.77KB in size and has been downloaded 1103 times since Mon 13th Sep 2004 :D

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What? Am surprised no one has rated, commented or reviewed this undiscovered gem!

I first found this tune via Future Crew Tribute Musicdisk. I got addicted to this track and tried searching for a solo track on youtube, but there's none. modarchive is the only other place to find this track.

Posted by andwan0 on Mon 28th Sep 2020


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